Problem about Blogger Blog Feed: What to Do?

At Absolute Write forum, Cindy has posted a thread with the title “Question about blogspot site feed.”

Her question was:

“I have changed my site feed to “short”, but it still shows the entire blogs. I’ve tried to get help from the blogger help forum, but no one answers…especially since hundreds of questions come through per Refreshing the browser doesn’t work.”

In fact, if you are a new blogger and if you implement the things that I have mentioned in my post, then you would be able to save 90% of your troubles in the first few months and at the same time, you will notice that your blog is growing without much hassle.

Now, let us focus on the problem of Cindy. I visited her blog:

I also subscribed to her Feed through Opera browser and found no problem. What I saw was that My Feed Reader (Opera Feed) is giving me only first few sentences of her entries. In fact, I am giving a screen shot of what I saw in my PC.

Feed Problem

In the picture above, you can see that (marked with red circle) that the Feed has only taken first few sentences from her entry.

Having said that I noticed that Cindy is not using Feedburner and thus, she is depriving her readers the option of subscribing to her blog through email. I strongly suggest that she immediately signs up with Feedburner (it is 100% free). Since Feedburner is a product of Google, she even does not need to open a new account there. With her Gmail address, she can just log in to the Feedburner website: and then register her blog. It is a very easy process. If Cindy or anyone of you have any problem in this regard, just let me know and I will try to help you.