How to come back to Blogging from Personal Disaster?

If you had visited this blog in the last few days then you must have noticed that I did not update at all. What happened was that my wife became very sick and I had to be with her in a hospital for exactly two weeks. I was with her every day and it was almost impossible to write anything for my blogs. I had to take care of her and give all my energy and time for her. I know that any normal husband in my place would have acted the same way and this is the way all the couples should behave.

The challenges of Coming Back:

In the hospital, on an average, I had only four hours of sleeping each day and when I came back home on this Friday, I was totally tired and exhausted. The only thing I wanted to do was to take rest and sleep. Even after two days, I feel fatigued and had no energy to do anything. Blogging is very difficult because it needs a lot of concentration and what I understand is that I am also suffering emotionally. It was a very tough experience that took away a lot of mental energy from me.

I wanted to take more rest but I understood that this is not a wise thing to do because I have already lost more than two weeks and the traffics of my blogs have suffered a lot. So, I have to get back to Blogging as soon as I can because it is the only source of my income. In other words, I earn my livelihood by it. So, today I tried to find out the things that can help me to make a strong comeback.


The first thing I would suggest you to do is to read either about Blogging or about the topics that your normally cover in your blogs. So, what I did was to catch up the things that happened in the last two weeks in south Asia and in the sports world. This has helped it to get updated and as a result, I started to feel that I have not missed that much. Another advantage of reading is that it is more passive than writing. So, you need to spend less energy.

Writing Comments

I have noticed that writing comments is much easier than writing entries for your blogs. So, I visited some other blogs and posted some comments. This way I could do something for my blog. Of course it is not the best thing but there is no doubt that it is the next best thing. When you are suffering from the aftereffects of personal disaster Then reading the entries of other people can help you to take your mind off the stress.

Writing Easy and short entries

I also tried to write an entry and I’ve tried to write a very short and easy entry that did not require that much effort or time.

Positive Attitude

This is the thing that can help you most- to have positive attitude. Any disaster creates a lot of mental pressure and hurts your confidence. So you must have optimistic feeling that you can get back to your personal best and get back the traffic that you used to enjoy. For example, in south Asia blog, last month I had over 87,000 page views but this month, I’ll be very happy if I can get just 35,000. So, naturally my spirit is now down and there is some kind of negative feeling that maybe next month, I may not be able to get back to my best. However, from my previous experience I know that it is not that difficult to get back the huge traffic that I enjoyed. It only needs some extra hard work and dedication.

In conclusion I like to say that when a disaster becomes after that do not lose your heart. Just try to remember that Blogging has one important facility- you can start again anytime you like.