Bad habit: Don’t Spend Too Much Time Reading Other Blogs

I know that some bloggers have this bad habit. Even, I myself have this bad habit. Today, I think that I visited at least 20 blogs on different topics and read some entries. This is a habit I really wish to change because by the time I spent on the blog of other people, I could have written at least 1-2 good entries on my own blog. In Economics, we studied that our demand is unlimited but time and resources are limited. So, we have to select which demands are most important and then try to fulfill them with the limited time and resource.

The same is true about blogging. In a day, my time is not unlimited. In the last 11 months, I was sick and weak and I had the luxury to read a lot of other blogs. It is time now I go back to my own blog and work very hard for it.
Do you face the same problem like me?