How to Integrate Social Media and Blogging from the Art of Social Media

We’ve all come across trouble looking for a perfect way to integrate social media into our blogging. Whatever niche or area of expertise you are, you must be wondering about different trendy ways of combining social media into your everyday blogging routine. Luckily, we are here to take a look at some of the most efficient and straightforward steps in combining social media and blogging to create some truly wonderful results.

Use a self-hosted blog

Using a platform such as WordPress or Tumblr is an amazing way to start off your blogging career. However, these platforms will only get you so far. In order to truly become an independent and well-known blogger, you will need to invest some time and money into creating a self-hosted blog. The differences from a standard free blogging platform are numerous, but the most predominant one is the difference between paid and free hosting.

If you invest some capital in setting up your own blog you can customize the site in an infinite number of ways, regardless of what anyone says. You can use custom plugins, themes and apps on your blog, creating a huge number of ways to attract and keep readers coming back. While it does require a certain investment to get started, once the ad revenue starts coming in, it will even out, and you will be left with a wonderful sense of freedom and possibility.

Create a catchy name

The secret of success in the art of social media and blogging is creating a catchy brand or piece of content that will become viral. In order to do so, it’s good to start with your blog name. What is it that your blog will host? Is it articles, videos, or pictures? If so, what type of articles or videos? The best way to connect with your visitors is to connect your blog name and purpose with what you are creating. It will give the readers a sense of continuity, of seeing parts of a whole.

Remember that you can set any type of name, acronym, or combination of letters and numbers you choose to. However, it’s always a good idea to pick something memorable and easy to type. You want your visitors to remember your name and come back again and again, so think about it carefully before deciding.

Use long-form ideas

Using long-form ideas is the perfect way to integrate social media and blogging into one another. To get a better understanding of what long-form ideas look like, just look at any article that’s over 1,000 words long. This is a long-form article. Now imagine the same thing but use ideas instead of words. It takes a while to understand completely, but this is exactly what readers are looking for today. If you connect all of your content into a cohesive whole that makes sense from the moment you started publishing, you will gain momentum and your reach will rise in huge numbers.

This is because people like stories, and they like nothing more than good long stories. By connecting all of your content into something that has a clear start and keeps referencing, developing and updating based on previous content, your readers will never get enough of you. If you get stuck developing content, you can always look for help by using a professional writing platform. Anyway, check out some of the websites ratings and see what works with your type of content since they offer a plethora of different content creation and revision. Before you start blogging seriously, try developing a couple of long-form ideas and brainstorm about them for a bit – you might be surprised as to what you discover about yourself and your passions.

Share content on social media

While it seems obvious, many bloggers today fail to grasp the importance of sharing their content on social media. They think that their blog is strong enough on its own so it doesn’t need the extra push. This is true in some cases, but far from it in others. Dedicate some of your time in creating matching Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages for your blog. You can use these pages to update your fans and readers about new content, what you are up to in your daily life, host contests and so forth.

This gives you a more personal relationship channel with your audience, but also helps them spread word about your content. Social media is the best way to create buzz around your content, and the art of social media is exactly that – spreading and sharing interesting and quality content.

Embrace your style

It’s important to experiment and find out what you are truly good at. However, once you find your perfect spot as a blogger, you might want to consider staying there for a while. The trap that many bloggers fall into is becoming inconsistent over time and creating a huge number of different content.

This confuses your audience and keeps you out of focus of what you are actually trying to accomplish. Instead, try sticking to your niche area you decided to blog about in the first place. There is no shame in creating content based around the same area of interest and you can specialize in it in order to become more relevant among your competitors.

Once you find what you are good at and find out that you actually like doing it, don’t stray away from it. The secret of art of social media integration is becoming recognizable and having your content speak for you. Remember that, and your style will seemingly develop into something new and exciting.

Use different media

People grow tired of long articles and numerous paragraphs. That is why you need to keep your content dynamic and offer readers a chance to experience something different every once in a while. You can do so by using pictures, videos, music, animation, or even questionnaire forms. The choice is up to you, but it’s important to keep things moving along and stay fresh throughout your blogging career.

People are far more likely to share and watch a video or an animation on social media rather than a long article that takes several minutes to go through. Just as the attention spans of your followers are dropping, you need to follow along and give them something easy to digest.

Use hash tags

Another trendy way to share content and spread word around is by using hash tags. While they originated on Twitter, they have become a mainstay in social media. They offer a way of connecting related content and reaching much larger audiences than you initially targeted.

You can use hash tags in your blog and use these same tags when you share content on social media in order to make it spread faster. By typing a “#” coupled with a key word that connects to your content, you will attract new followers and create a buzz with ease and very little actual work.


As you can see, the art of social media and blogging implementation is all about practice and experimentation. While there are certain things you should avoid (like convoluted titles), there is very little that can go wrong in creating content and sharing it on social media.

Keep in mind that you should always strive to evolve your content and make it better than the previous one. Once you get a hang of that idea, integrating social media into your blogging will become a fun and useful addition to your usual blogging.