Perspective Careers for College Graduates with Great Writing Skills

Choosing the right career can be extremely stressful. College graduates face a very high learning curve in most areas when it comes to professional writing.

Those that like writing papers and essays have a lot to look forward to, since there are a lot of digital careers that might pique their interest. With that said, what are some of the most perspective career paths for young college students with good writing skills to consider?

  • Freelancing

Sometimes the best path to move forward is to be your own boss. Freelance writers have a lot of options when it comes to specialization. You can start a career in blog article writing and guest posting until you build a reputation of a professional writer.

Once that happens, you can start copywriting and putting your own name on your written pieces. Freelancing is very flexible as it allows you to choose clients and work on a very flexible timeframe. However, landing your first contracts might not be as easy as people make it seem, so arm yourself with abundant patience.

  • Technical writing

If you are engineering or linguistics major, you may want to consider technical writing as your calling. There is always a need for technical writers that specialize in writing manuals, instructions, technical books, dictionaries, etc.

These writers work as part of larger companies and publishing houses, so make sure to look for openings in that area. Technical writing projects last up to several months and you will be handsomely rewarded for your efforts if you do a good job with the work you are entrusted with.

  • Journalism

Graduates with curious mindsets and a thirst for exploration might want to consider journalism and its respective career paths. Journalists are constantly on the move, hunting for the next story. Students with a good grasp on interviewing, writing and research may choose freelance journalism or join one of many news outlets available both online and off.

Decisive students with “I want to write my term paper without anyone’s help!” mindset will find plenty of joy in building their reputation as career journalists. Keep in mind that the journalism niche is full of professionals who won’t give you the benefit of doubt until you prove yourself.

  • Social media management

If your interest lies in marketing and social sciences, social media management might be up your alley. Social media management revolves around creating and maintaining social media pages for your company. This mean you would be in charge of writing provocative calls to action, articles, status updates as well as manage the community on social media.

This is a very flexible and exciting opportunity for creative students that love writing and chatting with other people. While it does require constant attention towards the pages you are in charge of, it can prove highly beneficial for your professional development. Social media managers are constantly learning new skills which can boost your resume significantly if you choose to change careers down the line.

  • Blogging

It takes a while to become a professional full-time blogger. However, if you make blogging your hobby while keeping a day job for the sake of security, it can prove to be a very good path. Once you are confident enough in your size and content as a blogger, you can start writing more original content and stop working in the company that kept you afloat while you built up your website.

Blogging about the topics you are passionate about as well as those that are trending can help you earn a nice living. There is no limit to the topics you can tackle as a blogger as long as you decide what kind of a website you want to become early on without mixing topics that don’t work together.

  • Advertisement

Lastly, advertisement agencies and marketing companies are always on the lookout for perspective writers. Writers play a huge role in marketing agencies due to their proficiency in tackling different word challenges. You might be tasked with coming up with new slogans, marketing pitches, taglines and other phrases that will help clients sell new products.

Ads are short-form content that requires maximum precision and focus from the writer creating them. This is a great opportunity for creative writers and graduates that want to specialize in advertisement writing that doesn’t revolve around articles or blog posts.


Choosing a career to follow if you have good writing skills isn’t simple. However, there is a plethora of options to choose from.

Whether you want to work independently or be a part of a company, you can rest assured that you won’t stay unemployed for long. Start building a resume even before you graduate and start pitching it to different potential employers.