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What should be your Blog Name and Topic?

If you are a new Blogger, then perhaps the biggest problem is to decide about your blog name and topic. There are thousand of blogs out their in internet and you may find yourself in the situation that whatever name you decide may have been already in use. So, what to do? What about the topic?

I like to discuss about the name issue some later. First, I want to talk about the blog topic. Unless you are a full time Blogger, you may not have enough time for more than one blog. So, you have to decide carefully. My suggestion is that first try to give some thought about your goal of opening a blog. Why do you want to open it? Is it for just a hobby? Do you want to earn some money? Do you want to advance your career by establishing yourself as an expert on a particular field? So, you can see that there can be various reasons for opening a blog. You have to find your own reason.

If you want to open a blog for hobby then select your topic according to your passion. Suppose you are interested about dogs. So, in that case you can open your blog on this topic. If you want to make yourself famous in internet about a particular topic then open a blog on that topic. If you want to earn money then it becomes a complicated and difficult matter.

Darren Rowse has a very long and detailed about it: How to Choose a Niche Topic for your Blog? If you want to earn money then obviously you have to do a lot of hard work in this field. So, it is better that you write either about a topic that you know or you are at least passionate about it. However, there are some other things that you should keep in your mind. You have to remember that it is difficult to earn money with some topics such as history and philosophy because there are not that many advertisers in these two fields. On the other hand, there is a lot of earning potential with topics like car and gadgets.

Having said that I am not suggesting that you just think about gadget and business related topics. You can earn money with all most any topic but you have to work hard.

About name, don’t be too much selective or sensitive. There are many famous blogs that do not have a very attractive name but they are successful and they have become brand names. Engadget is perhaps such a blog. You can not find a name in any dictionary but millions of people around the world know and like this name.

In conclusion, I like to say that you do not need to be too much worried or anxious about the name and topic of your blog. In stead, just focus on the blog itself and produce some good content regularly and you will see some success.

Good Blog Traffic: How can You Measure It?

This is a question that I often come across: what is considered to be a good traffic for a blog? Well, it is a very difficult question and there is no unanimous answer to that. In my 3 and half years of professional blogging, I have seen ups and downs in traffic. The highest traffic that one of my blogs received was in May 2007 and it was 468,767 page views for blog. Since then, I have experienced more than 150,000 page views for an individual blog in many months. So, I feel that I have some ideas about blogging traffic. Well, many of the top blogs have their Sitemter Open for the visitors. A notable example is perhaps Problogger Darren Rowse.

So, what is considered to be good blog traffic? Before answering the question let me talk about blogging some more. There are basically two kind of bloggers in blogosphere: Those who want to earn money and those who are blogging for hobby. However, this classification is not that simple and accurate. There are blog networks and there are multiple authored blogs (one blog but more than one blogger). There are some people who take their blogging very seriously but they do not want to earn money. Instead they want to make a name for themselves through their blog and promote a book or a product they have created. This diversification of bloggers and blogs create the main problem behind coming into a conclusion about good blog traffic. Several factors should be taken into consideration too.

First of all, you have to think of topic. It is a common sense that a blog about entertainment will bring more traffic easily compared to a blog about Insurance. On the other hand, with same traffic, a blog about insurance would fetch more revenue than that of Hollywood. So, topic is an important factor. Normally, it is considered that business and technology related topics bring more money than entertainment and sports. So, if you have a blog about laptop and it brings 1000 page views every day and suppose, you have another blog about Julia Roberts and it brings 2000 page views each day. In that case, you may find that your laptop blog brings more revenue despite the fact that it has just 50% traffic compared to your Julia Roberts Blog.

Second thing to consider is the source of traffic. Do you get your traffic mainly through search engines like Google or do you get your traffic mainly from social book-marking sites like Digg and Fark or social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. It is also common wisomd that Google traffic brings more money than social book-marking or social networking traffic.

A third thing to consider is Geo Location of your visitors. Visitors from USA always bring more money compared to visitors from other parts of the world. So, if you have 1000 visitors from USA and say 2000 visitors from China then your US visitors will bring more revenue.

I am giving so much emphasis to revenue while discussing traffic because most hobby bloggers do not dream of getting thousands of visitors. On the other hand, any blogger who wants to earn money always dreams of having hundreds of visitors each day because more visitors mean more money- this is plan and simple.

The fourth factor that I like to talk about is the age of your blog. When you have a new blog then it is very difficult to get any traffic at all. With the passing weeks, your blog gets older and you have larger archive of entries (content) and getting traffic becomes easier. For example, this blog is just 3 weeks old and I have got only 324 page views until now. It is July 2009. If you can then come back after 3 months and you will hopefully see the difference.

A very important thing to consider is whether a blog is single authored or multiple authored. Normally, multiple authored blogs should bring more traffic because the income has to be divided between the bloggers.

So, there is perhaps no way to measure good traffic for a blog. Still, if you insist my idea of good traffic then I would say that if you have per month 100,000 page views mainly from Google then you should be happy with your traffic.